Foxtrail – Play.Think.Move.


Foxtrail challenges people’s curiosity and instinct to play together and enjoy an immersive and baffling experience with a purpose:

To discover and protect the local heritage.

What is Foxtrail?

It is an adventure with challenges and puzzles that transform cities, towns, villages, and the countryside into a playing field requiring intelligence, team, and mission spirit.

The Fox and his liaison Herbert, the bat, work for the Sphinx Foundation. Field Operations section X is a section of this foundation with animals working on different things together with humans (hence the name Sphinx) because of the special skills set they bring to the table. 

The Sphinx Foundation is often called for action in different places of the world. Whenever local heritage is in jeopardy, Field Operations section X sends the fox and his team to protect it from Grimbart, the leader of GLOOM (Global Leadership of Obscure Marauders).

Who is Foxtrail for?

It’s for people of all ages who appreciate team activity outdoors, with physical and intellectual stimulation.

It’s for those who want to discover something new even when they think they already know everything.

It’s for families, friends, colleagues, and for school groups. 

It’s for those who have a spirit of adventure.

“The secret of getting ahead is getting the mission started"


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